Напрямок використання

Internal use of Haarlem oil

Світлий рецепт
Begin the treatment by taking morning and evening, for a week, 1 capsule or 5 drops. Continue for the next 14 days by absorbing 1 capsule or 5 drops morning, noon and evening. After stopping for one week, repeat the same treatment for 3 consecutive weeks. Stop 10 days, this time, undertake a treatment of 2 consecutive months at the rate of one capsule or 5 drops morning, noon and evening 1 day out of 2.

Середнє значення рецептаbox of 30 capsules Haarlem oil for internal use

10 drops or 2 capsules three times a day for 3 periods of 15 days, separated by a week of rest. There after and for 2 consecutive months twice a day and every other day, 5 drops or 1 capsule.  It is advisable, especially during the first three periods of treatment, to drink a large amount of water (about 2 liters in 24 hours) and to strictly follow the diet prescribed by the doctor.

Інтенсивний рецепт
20 - 30 крапель або 4 - 6 капсул на день кілька разів протягом 5 - 6 днів поспіль; протягом наступних 8 днів зменшувати дози наполовину.

Для чого використовується олія Гарлем?

Haarlem Oil is recommended for anyone wishing to conserve their energy as well as all their assets for their health “well-being”. The specificity of this oil comes from the highly bioavailable sulfur found in the elixir. Indeed, sulfur is an essential element for the proper functioning of the body because it is present in all cells. In addition, it is important in the mechanisms of detoxification, cellular respiration and it plays an energetic role in the Krebs cycle. Haarlem Oil is also known to bring well-being and beauty to animals on:

  • Joint and inflammatory pain
  • Дихальні шляхи
  • Тіло
  • Skin and hairs
  • GHO provide Haarlem oil in 10ml bottles for small animals like cats, dogs and 200ml bottles for horses.

Haarlem oil Effects on the human body

  • On the bronchitis sphere because we know that the mucus is rich in sulfur.
  • On the articular sphere because sulfur acts on rheumatism.
  • On the dermatological sphere because sulfur is irreplaceable in seborrheic states.
  • On the hepatic sphere it has a detoxifying function.
  • In general, it has an energizing action.
  • And it plays an essential role in the elasticity of connective tissue.

External use of Haarlem oil

10ml Haarlem oil for external usesНанесіть на дерматологічну сферу, оскільки сірка незамінна в себорейних станах, невеликий шматочок гідрофільної марлі, просочений маслом Харлема. Покрийте ватою з картону і тримайте на місці стрічкою.


You can also, if possible, apply over the compress impregnated with Haarlem Oil a hot poultice of linseed flour which will further increase the ripening action.

Apply to the diseased region, a small compress impregnated with Haarlem Oil, which as to be change every day. Frostbite, Feet and hand cracks: Hot baths three times a day, followed by light rubbing with our Haarlem Oil.

Гарячі ванни тричі на день з подальшим легким масажем олією Харлема.

Besides the preparation of Haarlem Oil in liquid solution. Pharmacist can prepare the ointment base on the 10ml drops. It is advisable to use this ointment in the following two cases:

  • Зубний біль: Покладіть у отвір зуба невеликий шматочок вати, просочений маслом Харлема.
  • Hair loss: Often coincides with liver dysfunction, it is recommended that Haarlem oil be taken in drops or capsules.
  • Note: External uses of Haarlem oil is sticky and fragrant, for those who cannot stand it, it is preferable to use it internally (capsules) and to choose black cumin oil externally. This combination is frequently prescribe by our professional users.

NB: You can swallow the capsules with a glass of water. Take the drops in a половина glass of warm water or on a piece of sugar.

Вказівки, наведені в цій брошурі, не повинні змушувати нас забувати, що завжди бажано звертатися до лікаря перед початком лікування.